Ready or Not, here they come!

The Le Domas family are onto Grace, hunting her down, room by room in the family mansion.  

The creepy “hide and seek” song has finished playing and the count has ticked over to 100! Time for a game, a deadly game!

After the wealthy, Le Domas family hosted Grace’s wedding (played by Australian and former Home & Away star, Samara Weaving), a hazy moment later and Grace is surrounded by her new family at the table of power in a “family-members only” room.

As the most recent member to join the family, Grace has the privilege of drawing a mysterious card and playing whatever game is revealed, this time hide and seek!

Tip toeing along the glamorous hallways in her wedding gown, Grace doesn’t know what she is in for! But soon the game begins and the family go hunting!

The commanding dad, the cunning mum, the outright scary auntie, the ditzy sister, the alcoholic brother who might just be ok (played by Adam Brody) and a few other in-laws to boot.

The hopeful husband might be able to save Grace, you’ll have to wait and see.

There are plenty of dark corners to hide in the mansion just as there are plenty of dark comedy moments in the movie ranging from cringe laughter, gory deaths, satin rituals and a display of a few unique ways to leave the world for good.

The movie throws in a few random laughs in the centre to make you feel relaxed. But don’t kick-back too much, stay on your toes as you never know what’s around the corner!  

Words by Christopher Lamont

Details: Ready or Not | 1 hour and 34 minutes | In cinemas everywhere on 24 October 2019