Standing ovation for Orpheus and Eurydice

Ecstatic audiences rose to a standing ovation at opening of Gluck’s Orpheous and Eurydice at the Playhouse.


As Opera Queenslands final bill for this years season this extraordinary production is the result of an artistic collaboration with Brisbane based and internationally renown Circa.


A fusion of highly talented and fearless performers in dance, circus, voice and opera has resulted in a spellbound production that truly deserves the accolades and affection that the audience showered on the stunning group of performers last night.


Orpheus and Eurydice is an ancient classic myth, a beautiful story of love and loss performed for many centuries dating right back to the beginnings of Opera.


Owen Willitts sings the tender and heart wrenching role of Orpheus, distraught and wretched in his grief for the loss of his young wife Eurydice.


Eurydice (and Amor) are roles sung by Melbourne born Natalie Peluso, she plays a strong and convincing role, a perfect temperance to the sensitive, brilliant voice of Willitts.


The opera descends into the underworld and, in an attempt to regain his beloved  the distraught Orpheous encounters spirits and furies and find Eurydice in a circle of peaceful spirits.  He cannot hold her or cast his eyes upon her if he is to bring her back, but, in a moment of madness he makes his final decision.  


This classic opera sung in Italian is made accessible by highly creative digital technologies, at the back of the stage text in English translation forms and dissolves into ethereal mist.


In addition to stunning opera performances, Circas physical dance troupe, Opera Queenslands talented chorus, costumes and lighting all bring a metaphysical dimension to the production. 


Queensland Symphony Orchestra led by Dane Lam is the final binding element that hinges the whole production together, brilliantly bringing to life this ancient classic story into our contemporary world. 


Details: Orpheus and Eurydice | Opera Queensland in association with CIRCA | Playhouse Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre Brisbane | Limited Tickets | Until 9 November 2019