Modern living with an expanding family

You’ve all seen me post about it – it’s time to revamp the nest to suit an expanding family.

The first area to get a spruce up is the living room!

For us, it’s the heart of the house. It’s where we will watch the kids play, sit around with cups of tea (am I only dreaming with this one haha?!), lounge about with our boxer cross pooch and have movie nights with popcorn and birthday cake mnm’s.

The coastal blue fabric couch purchased when we were DINKS (double income no kids!) has hubby sitting on floor cushions when pooch, our son and I sprawl out together – I could see this isn’t go to work!

Only weeks from meeting the little one in my belly, two delivery men knocked on the door with a stunning tan Aniline leather sofa from Matt Blatt. Please and thank you Matt Blatt, it’s time for an update!

The Sybil sofa is a generous three seater that will absolutely fit our soon-to-be family of four, and the pup when she’s lucky enough!

The premium quality hide is buttery soft and highlights the life of the animal with wrinkles, insect bites and growth marks, all while becoming more distinguished as it ages.

With kids who’ll no doubt jump all over the sofa it’s great to find one with durability, resistance and will still look fantastic in years to come.

With minimal processing and filled with feathers, this ultra luxe investment piece is easy to style in an everyday home.

For us, it’s all about picking up the colour and texture for a modern style.

We’ve complimented the lounge with a large palomino pony print in a beechwood frame and a tan leather and canvas arm chair in the corner of the room opposite the sofa, styled a tall green plant in a wicker basket near a pastel wool rug and thrown royal blue velvet feather cushions for those times one of us gets to lay down and sprawl out.

Next on the list is a golden resin animal to compliment Franklin the Frenchie which sits in our nursery. Should we go for the Large Sitting Lion or the gold Monkey Mum?

Anyone who gets the chance to visit the Fortitude Valley showroom can find some quirky pieces like this for an ultra contemporary revamp.

Some of our favourite finds are a large black gorilla for a centre piece in the living room (head in to check out how cool this guy is!!), the baby pink Standing Poodle for any little girls room and Ulysses the Unicorn Seat for, well let’s face, girls of all ages!

Oh, and have you seen their range of velvets yet?! The navy blue Brennan Velvet Armchair baby pink Tempest Velvet Armchair are on my Christmas list but I think Santa will need to win the lottery with the wish list I have!

Details: Matt Blatt showroom | Sybil 3 Seater Sofa | 239cm W x 94cm D x 74cm H | $3995