Cirque du Soleil welcomes 2020 with Kurios

Cirque du Soleil’s latest spellbinding show Kurios transports the audience to a fantasy world in the late nineteenth century, where anything and everything is possible.

The shows opens to the fanfare of a magical train, like those of a bygone era, transporting all the circus performers to the next town on their itinerary, where they will set up the big tent and perform their amazing acts.

After the ringmaster introduces the show with his own magical tricks, the performances start with some electrifying balancingacts, double jointed contortionists and some daredevil feats of skill with trapeze artists and trampoline artists. 

An undoubted highlight is the strength, skill and unwavering trust between performers in some of the acts where a simple mistake could have disastrous consequences.

The chair balancing act proves to be very innovative in its approach with a mirror image chair balancing group also coming down from the ceiling until the two groups merge in the middle.

Kurios introduces some new types of acts for Cirque de Soleil fans with the amazingly funny and well executed invisible show featuring a lion and other traditional circus performers like diving from a great height into a bucket of water. 

A favourite amongst the audience is a shadow silhouette performance with some wonderful twists and audiences have never seen a yo-yo performer with such unimaginable skills. 

As always, the costumes are elaborate and exquisite in their detail. Nico, the accordion man in particular was a crowd favourite, as was Mr Microcosmos who housed Mini Lil is his rather large metal tummy.

Kurios is like all Cirque de Soleil shows with its skillful and entertaining performances, but this new show adds some more lighthearted performances that will appeal to the younger members of the audience.  

A must-see for all the family. Cirque du Soleil Kurios is now performing in Brisbane from 10th January to 23rd February in the big tent at Hamilton.

Details: Cirque du Soleil Kurios | 10 January to 23 February 2020 | Hamilton

*New special performance added on Thursday, 20 February to benefit the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund