Styling the nursery with Australian natives

I don’t know about you but I’m a big believer of ‘nesting.’

This week I finished styling baby’s nursery in a room overlooking the rosemary and palm trees in our garden.

I wanted to bring the outside in by using beautiful Australian natives. At the moment I’m loving the gumtrees around my area so fallen branches and eucalyptus leaves was an easy choice.

No nursery is complete without a cuddly koala so my theme started to flow easily. Maybe it’s because I’ve got three photos with koala’s and my baby belly (yes Lone Pine is built into my monthly routine haha).

Baby’s big brother has shared some of his soft koala’s, because let’s face it these Irish twins will be sharing everything anyway!

I love that this theme gave me a blue, grey, green theme for the room, so layering those colours flowed beautifully from there.

I’m also getting very into using what I already own, can borrow or trying to purchase items that have multiple uses or can be kept for a long time to cut back on waste.

I did invest in a new statement cot with gum leaf bedding.

I chose the Kaylula Mila Cot by Babyhood because it uses a sustainable beechwood plantation timber frame, and it added a branch vibe to compliment the eucalyptus leaves.

I also love that it will grow with my baby, from babyhood to toddlerhood and beyond with day or sofa bed which really ticks that multiple use and investment box for me.

I can’t wait to watch baby have the sweetest of dreams in this beautiful new cot and nature inspired nursery.