Katherine Lamont | Creative Director, Brisbane Weekender

Brisbane Weekender is a site for the everyday lover of all things ‘creation’ and all things ‘life.’

The website focuses on the social butterfly who dedicates their time to trends within the commercial world. Brisbane Weekender is always eager to explore the latest fashion trends, unique dining spots and magnificent events, openings and launches put on by the likes of local fashion boutiques, tourism destinations, rising foodies and events within the art world.

As Creative Director, my focus is on the culture of Brisbane and its surroundings, and all that it has to offer for its locals and visitors. You may be surprised to know just how much you can do in your own backyard.

This has probably stemmed from my passion for inspiration, innovation and imagination. And perhaps from my professional background in Advertising, Graphic Design, Media and Communication. I am sure you can understand why I am attracted to the creative, inspired and energetic world that we live in.

Above all, I bring the following thoughts into each and every article that makes it to Brisbane Weekender.

We have a beautiful world and should cherish all of the creativity inside of it. Everyday I live with the motto to ‘be amazing.’ It might be as simple as feeding myself foods that are good for the skin, eyes, mind and nourishing for the soul; or attending social events by brands with unique and divine products that completely lift the spirits of customers. I believe in looking for products and activities that are unique, innovative and show something special. It’s small things in life like this that opens people to the blessing of creativeness and allows the world to be an amazing place. Katherine Lamont


Supporting sites: [gratitude project for all] ; [for the love of food & life]



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